The Many Open Doors of Mental Health Services  

No one can afford to make light of their feelings right now. These are serious times, and everyone is trying to bear up under the weight of circumstances that are out of our control. Job loss. Isolation. Anger. Fear. Lost support networks. Perhaps chronic illness, too, on top of everything else. 

Under these conditions, it is perfectly natural for anyone to experience emotional distress. We are seeing cases of increased alcohol and substance use, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, domestic violence and child abuse, among others. 

Our services can help you before the overwhelm takes you that far. Our skilled, compassionate, confidential providers can also help you recover from wherever you may be on your mental health journey. Here are some of the many options of support available to you:

  • Primary Care: Behavioral health services are integrated into all Saratoga Hospital Medical Group primary care practices, provided remotely by the hospital’s program partner, Concert Health.
  • Addiction Medicine:  Since the onset of COVID-19, there has been an uptick in alcohol misuse. Our comprehensive program includes substance abuse and behavioral health counseling. If you are ready to quit, call 518-886-5600 to make an appointment.
  • Saratoga Community Health Center: Outpatient behavioral health services, including medication management and counseling, are offered here in an integrated care model. 
  • Support Groups: Currently, support groups are run virtually. You can view the various groups, including mother/baby and cancer support groups, here. Call to verify meetings.
  • Radiation Oncology Center: Cancer patients are particularly vulnerable during this time. Social workers are easily accessible in all our cancer services to provide patient education, emotional support, and resource referrals for financial assistance, transportation to treatments, and more.    
  • Emergency Department: Psychiatrists, nurses, and social workers are available to provide mental health crisis evaluations, interventions, and referrals. 
  • Mental Health Unit: Psychiatrists, social workers, and advanced care professionals are available to visit patients, if needed, throughout the hospital. They also provide short-term inpatient psychiatric care in a safe, therapeutic setting dedicated to helping patients transition home with a stable support network.

Whether you, or someone you know, have a chronic condition or have never experienced symptoms of mental illness before now, delaying care can only exacerbate the condition. Why wait? Help is available through these difficult times. For more information, please visit Behavioral and Mental Health services at

Jul 10, 2020 | Categories: Health Information
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